Welcome to Fans

We keep the Creators creating.

About Us

What is this?
"Fans" is a fun social media site that has been tailor-made to help creators build a fanbase. And that's just about the best way to explain it.

As part of the whole "Storytellers" system (that we previewed on March 18th), we are releasing a cool new "network/social media" site built for creators to be able to interact with fans in some really cool ways. The idea behind this site is to encourage creators to have their fans more involved in what they are creating.

This site will give creators a place to share "behind the scenes stuff" with fans as well as personally interact with them in some neat ways. If anything, hopefully, it will at least give creators a better platform for reaching their fans than Facebook currently does.

And that is a rundown of "Fans," which is just one part of the new "Storytellers" system.

Why You Should Join Us

Because this place is awesome. i mean, just look at a few of the features.

Creator Fan Teams: highly searchable public (or private) interactive fan sites built for you the fans. These are like fan pages on Facebook, but "Fan Teams" actually let you see and talk to all of the other fans either one-on-one or as a group. Because...isn't that kind of the point of having a place for fans, so you can interact?

SMS Notifications: you get text message alerts every time something cool happens in your "Fan Team".

Group Chats: get connected quickly with other fans by starting a group chat with them.

Project Fan Teams: just like Creator Fan Teams, Project Fan Teams are highly searchable public (or private) interactive fan sites built for fans to be involved in cool Projects that creators are making.

Unlimited Storage: add unlimited Photos and Videos to your Fan Teams for free.

Smart Search: search features allowing you to find and connect with other projects and creators.

And there are still a whole lot more features to come...